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This is a quick guide to the settings for registration and new users, as they are in my forum (

On the "general" tab click on "User registration settings".

At the top you see how users at approved when they register. I my forum I use the e-mail option. This means the the forum will send an auto-generated e-mail to new users, and they will have to answer by clicking on a link in the mail. This makes sure that the user has a real e-mail address, but some of the smart spam-bots can do this too.

Setting "Newly registered user" as default will pose some limitations on new users until they have posted 3 mails in this case, then all the settings for a "registered user" will be the standard.

Below, in the general options, the most important is to enable "spambot countermeasures". We will look at the settings for that in depth.

Vedhæftet fil:

On this page you have settings for testing the IP-adress and E-mail against servers that know the names of known spammers. This is good for taking the top of the spam problem.

Vedhæftet fil:

The first 3 settings are obvious, I hope.

I have Spam-test for guests, because I have an open guest book. Guests will have to answer a question before the post can be saved.

Refreshing the spam-question, is ok, because there are no easy questions, but different kinds of questions like math, names, general knowledge and "do this".

Nowadays, a lot of the spam-bots can read even the most hidden numbers and text, sometimes better than human beings. It is not a safe option any more.

I use the Q/A spam-test, because it is the safest and it is almost impossible to make a spam-bot that can answer "human" questions. And making the questions is fun. ;-)

If you want to use Q/A-spam test, you will have to click on "configure" and create all the questions your self. I would say that a minimum of 10 questions is ok. I have 20 Danish and 20 English questions, because some parts of my forum is in English. Be sure to make the questions simple and with only one answer. You don't want people to give up.

Vedhæftet fil:

When you click on "configure" you open the questions list. At first there will only be the header and a button "add question" on the page. When you have made some questions, you can view/edit them by clicking on the green cogwheel.

Vedhæftet fil:

Then you go to the next page. Here you can ask an define the options for the answers. Each possible answer goes on a new line, making it possible to have more than one word in the answer. The answers can have different spellings or capital letters. Some of the answers can by very far apart: "alien, ET, spaceman" are all answers to the same question.

Vedhæftet fil:

The last thing I want to show you is the settings for a "newly registered user". Select the fan "permissions" and click on "forum roles". From the list select "newly registered user". The page should look something like this:

Vedhæftet fil:

As you can see, the role of "newly registered user" belongs to the groups named "newly registered user" in every forum.

If you go all the way down to the bottom of this page, you will find the settings for this role.

The most important, to me, is the fan "Misc". Here you have the setting that prevents new users from posting in the forum without approval. If you have or expect a lot of users( and your spam-filter is ok) you can try setting this to "no". When this "no" is in the same forum as a "yes" from the "registered user", all new users can post without moderator approval. This makes life a lot easier for the moderators.

Vedhæftet fil:

I hope this was helpful and easy to understand.


Du har ikke de nødvendige tilladelser til at se vedhæftede filer i dette indlæg.

... and I am the boss here !

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