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You need to edit a file called "overall_header.html"
This file is one of the template files in a style (skin), so you need to edit the file in every style that you want to use.

First step is to make a copy of the original files and make a backup.

You already have a favicon.ico for the home page and if you use the same file for the forum(s), you only have to change the favicon.ico file, and the change will show in the homepage and in all the templates(styles) that you have modified.

Your favicon.ico file is here:

In the prosilver style, look for the overall_header.html file here:

In the subsilver2 style, look for the overall_header.html file here:

When you are in the ACP, go to the style tab, click on "templates" and click on "edit" for the prosilver template.

Select "overall_header.html" in the drop-down-list. The text will turn red, when you start to edit.

Now the source text will show up in the text filed below. You are now editing directly in the files on the server, so be sober and concentrated ;-)

In the pictures, you can see how I have inserted two lines, containing the favicon code. I have also inserted an empty line above and below, to make the changes more readable.(I can not add pictures to this PM, so they are on my server)

You will have to use the URL for your own favicon, as shown above.

The lines you have to insert looks like this:

<link rel="icon" href="">
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" >

Be careful that you do not change anything else. When in doubt, start over without saving.

When you are done with the changes, click on submit.
Then go back to the list of templates and click on "refresh" for that style. This will make the forum read and save the changes.

If every thing is ok, the forum should still work as before. Some times it takes more than an hour for the favicon to show up in the browser.

Making the changes for the subsilver2 style is done in the same way( see the second picture).

You can probably also do this in other styles, but I would not recommend it, because I do not dare to do it my self ;-)


Ps. If you are not making the changes, you probably know who can.

... and I am the boss here !

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Skriv nyt emne Svar på emne  [ 1 indlæg ] 

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