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Jeg stødte på denne tekst, som jeg mener bør læses at dem som ønsker at se en anden vinkel på samfundet og især bankerne rolle.

Der står blandt andet:

Mike Cechanowicz skrev:
The heart and the blood of humanity, in a collective perspective, is the human circulatory system. In this respect the human collective has had its heart driven by greed, the need for external power in the hands of a select elite. This select “elite” has run the world’s bloodlines for the singular purpose of self-serving interests at the expense of the rest of humanity. The system by which they have acquired their power is through the concept of issuing money in the world as an instrument of debit.

Powerful entities within this system have constructed banking practices called fiat money, interest on loans and the need for continual profit, which leads to the need to reinforce self-serving interest at the expense of another. This paradigm of using money as a debit instrument forces the idea of competition as being a good, necessary and useful method by which to develop individual character and positive social evolution.


Mike Cechanowicz skrev:
You are alive today to discover or deny this universal truth. It is being made easy for you to choose. The time for a veil of confusion is over.

Being unaware of this truth many still are under the illusion that competition is a necessary attitude to assume in order to “survive”, not being aware that you never really die. Your human body has more individual cells of unique character, skills and dispositions than there are humans on this Earth. All parts of any living entity are cooperating together under unified harmony with no competition to promote vitality for all. The circulation system of your body provides adequate blood to nourish the whole.

Any living system feels competition as resistance, friction and dis-ease. Your scientists, and free thinkers know this. It is important that you realize this too. Your soul is being “pressured” to discover this simple truth. You either get it “right” now, or you will continue your lives on a different planet prepared for those experiences. You will continue to live your lives in confusion. You will continue to die in order to become aware and you will do so until you wake up to your extended purpose and identity.

The ultimate end reason why this is happening now is because a great cycle of human evolution is destined to transition into a higher level of human evolution at this time. This is happening if you are either ready for it, or you are not.

Aldebaran ! Me wanna go home...

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